Cost-effective removal service

In times of economic crisis and financial difficulties many experts advise us to cut on expenses and save as much as possible. At such hard times a lot of people are forced to give up their most favorite things only to save more money. Having all these in mind, it is not advisable to make changes which will cost you money, like moving to another place, for example. If you don’t have to move immediately, try to delay it as much as you can.
If, however, your job requires you to move, there are some tips which you can use to make the home removal more cost-effective.

1. Move only the most necessary things

London-removal-firmThe first thing you need to do is decide what things you will take with you at the new home. A good place to start with will be creating an inventory list in which to write down all the things you are going to take with you. When deciding what you will need, have in mind that some companies estimate the rates according to the weight of the luggage. Meaning that the more belongings you have, the more expensive transportation will be.

2. Create a budget plan

Another very important step in the moving process is creating a budget plan. Your budget plan should include all the packing supplies you are going to buy plus transportation costs. When meeting with a moving company to discuss procedures, make sure to get all the information about rates. If you want to save some money, it is advisable to investigate at least five moving companies before deciding which one best fits your needs and preferences. It is very important to start looking for a moving company earlier, so you can have time to plan your budget and decide how much money you can afford to spend.

3. Consider renting a moving truck

Sometimes people find moving companies to be too expensive, so they prefer looking for other more cost-effective alternatives. In that case, a good option is renting only the moving truck. In contrast with the moving companies, where you have to pay for different kinds of services and fees, when renting a moving truck, the only thing you pay for is transportation. There are no other additional fees, which makes this option quite attractive for those of you who want to save money. However, have in mind that renting a moving truck means that you have to drive the vehicle to your new place, and you have to load and unload your luggage.

4. If possible, relocate after peak moving season

It is not a secret that, like anything else, moving also have its peak seasons when the rates are higher than the usual. The statistics show that most people prefer moving during the summer when the kids are not at school and they don’t go to work. This way they have more time to prepare and organize the relocation better. However, if your aim is to save money, you can move during October or November when it is least expensive. So, if possible, try to delay your relocation, and thus saving money.

5. Get a moving insurance

Accidents may happen even with the best and most professional movers. This is why you need to protect your stuff from damages during transportation. Although you will be paying for the insurance policy, think how much money you will save from having to replace the broken items with new once

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